It’s Time to Change the Way We Plan Our Weddings

Venues and Caterers and Photographers, oh my!

When we started to plan our weddings, finding our wedding venue was priority number one. My fiance and I researched dozens of places, adding venue after venue to our list. It’s a challenge for almost everyone. Couples end up researching anywhere from 5 to 50 reception venues before finding a match. And that’s just the reception venue; the typical wedding requires another half dozen vendors or so!

Finding all those vendors was tough. In fact, it’s what inspired us to start Unveil. Here’s what we (and many, many other couples) did to find our venues:

  1. Create a spreadsheet to track everything in one place.
  2. Here’s the doozy… contact venues and fill in all the blanks. According to A Practical Wedding, “the most frustrating part of finding a venue is the initial research. Venues and their websites are all completely different. They offer a variety of information in various places, and sometimes they don’t offer any information at all, which is even more fun. Try not to get too frustrated by this.”  (Quick shout out to A Practical Wedding — we loved the book and think their no-nonsense advice rocks!)
  3. For the venues you like the most, create different versions of your budget to make apples-to-apples comparisons of costs.  You’ll want to include details such as catering and rental costs for each venue.
  4. Schedule some site visits with your top venue choices, and be prepared with a list of questions to ask!

Next, rinse and repeat for photographers, caterers, rental providers, florists, and cake bakers…until you elope!

A Smarter Way to Plan Your Wedding

Well, even if it was hard, it worked. We found great wedding vendors and got married! But boy was it time-consuming and pretty painful, too. So we were inspired to create Unveil to make finding and hiring wedding vendors easier.

Unveil is an online wedding planning organizer with the bells and whistles that would have made our lives so much easier:

  1. Wedding knowledge built in. There’s only so much information you can cram into a wedding spreadsheet template. With Unveil, you get tips like the most important questions to ask venues right in the app.
  2. A research assistant! Instead of contacting dozens of vendors yourself, have the Unveil concierge collect missing information like pricing for your number of guests and availability on your desired dates for you! Curious? You can try the concierge with 3 vendors for absolutely free.
  3. Advanced tracking. Keeping our spreadsheet organized was always a pain. With Unveil, you get a tool specially made for tracking wedding vendor pricing, availability, notes, etc. Plus, you can upload files and images (useful for PDF brochures and important contracts).
  4. Easy comparisons. Use the Compare tab in your Unveil organizer to easily create apples-to-apples cost comparisons of your top venues.

Our couples love Unveil! They love our clean interface, no-nonsense attitude, and vendor research assistance. Now, you can choose your vendors wisely without spending hours playing phone tag or managing back-and-forth emails.

Whether you’re organizationally-challenged or borderline OCD, Unveil is the easiest way to plan your wedding. Spreadsheets are smart, wedding vendor organizers are smarter. Use Unveil totally free today!

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