Frequently Asked Questions

The Unveil Organizer

Why use Unveil's online organizer?

Unveil’s free wedding planning tools make complicated vendor research and management simple. You can track and organize all of your vendor information in one place, making everything more accessible and convenient for you. The app also incorporates insider tips and questions to ask your vendors, so you’re prepared and know that you’re making the best hiring decisions.

How much does Unveil's online organizer cost?

The Unveil wedding planning app is and always will be free.

Can I invite my partner or parent to my Unveil organizer?

Yes, of course! You can invite your partner, your parents, your wedding party, and anyone else to plan with you on your Unveil organizer. Simply log in and head to the Invite Partners tab under your Account page to send invitations.

What if I've already created a spreadsheet tracker?

Email your spreadsheet to us at [email protected]! We’re happy to import it for you.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

On the login page, click Forgot password. You will be led to a page where you can provide your email address. Instructions on how to recover your password will be sent to you afterwards.

I live outside of the United States. Can Unveil help me plan my wedding?

Yes, you are welcome to use our free online tools. However, our Unveil concierge can currently help research only those wedding vendors located in the United States.

Need help getting started?

Our coordinators are here to help you get set up, entirely free of charge. Email us at [email protected] or call us at 256-8-UNVEIL if you’d like a hand in getting started.

The Unveil Concierge

How does the Unveil concierge work?

Your personal Unveil concierge will call wedding vendors of all kinds on your behalf (e.g., DJ, photographer, videographer, florist, etc.), share the research results over the online organizer, and introduce you only when you want to take over.

How much does the Unveil concierge cost?

Our team will call any 3 vendors for you for free. After that, if you’d like to continue using our concierge, it will cost a one-time fee of $195 (normally $395) for research assistance for an unlimited number of wedding vendors.

What makes Unveil different from other event planning companies?

Unveil offers wedding planning services entirely online. Our concierge will reach out to vendors and collect the information you need to make decisions—something that wedding planners do today, but for a fraction of the cost.

What happens when Unveil's concierge helps me research a wedding vendor?

When your personal Unveil concierge helps you research a wedding vendor, we make sure to ask the vendor all of the important questions and then input the information we gather into your organizer for you. We also include insights based on our past and current interactions with this vendor. If you have specific requests, just let us know and we will be sure to bring them up.

Are the price quotes that I get from Unveil's concierge higher than if I reached out myself?

No, we don’t mark up prices! We’ll get you a price quote at or below the price you’d get by calling by yourself—our guarantee, or we’ll make up the difference. Vendors sometimes even throw in freebies for our clients.

Can I negotiate with my wedding vendors?

Absolutely! We provide you with whatever price and information the wedding vendors tell us. We don’t try to negotiate with them, but you are welcome to. If you’d like some tips on negotiating with vendors, see this guide.

How does Unveil make money?

We make money from couples who upgrade to use our concierge. You don’t need to worry about your data—we don’t sell it, it’s safe with us.