Why Unveil?

The 3 reasons we’re helping couples hire wedding vendors

Hi! We are Flora and Michael, the founders of Unveil.

We were only recently sitting where you are today—happily engaged and excited about our upcoming weddings. But as we each started planning for our different weddings (Flora got married in Philadelphia, Michael in San Francisco), we both quickly discovered that one of the most important (but also hardest) parts was finding, researching, managing, and hiring wedding vendors.

We found it bizarre that the best vendor management tool at the time was... Google Spreadsheets. Wait, what? Minted made it easy to create and customize paper invitations, Joy let us have beautiful wedding websites, and we were able to go registry-crazy with Zola. But no one was helping couples with the monumental task of handling all their wedding vendors.

When thinking back to our weddings, we see how crucial it was that we hired the right wedding vendors. Unless you have superhuman parents/friends/relatives who can cook all the food, take all the photographs, set up a hundred chairs, and manage music throughout the day, you’ll probably need to find wedding vendors too. And today, this process is frustrating, time consuming, and stressful.

Why did we quit our day jobs?

We believe that finding and hiring vendors doesn’t have to be this hard. Because no one else is tackling this problem, we felt compelled to do something about it ourselves.

Our focus

We’re creating the best ever wedding vendor management tool for couples. To start, we incorporated the 3 things that we most wished we had while planning our own weddings:

1. One centralized place to organize our notes, files, photos, and everything else related to wedding vendors.

We’re big believers in the ability of productivity tools to make life better; we’re big fans of Asana, Evernote, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Clear (we’ve even worked for some of them). But because those apps aren’t wedding focused (and can be hard to introduce to spouses and family), we ended up tracking wedding vendor availability and pricing in custom Google Spreadsheets. Notes got scattered between Google Docs, Evernote, random pieces of paper; files ended up in emails, Dropbox, Google Drive, or in Download folders. This scattering of information made it impossible for us to quickly find and see everything about our vendors.

With our experience working for the tech giants who have created great general-purpose tools, we knew that we could build something much better for couples who are planning their weddings.

2. Being able to quickly make apples-to-apples pricing comparisons between venues and understand how different vendors impact the total budget.

Before Unveil, the best way to keep track of and compare different pricing scenarios was with Google Spreadsheets. But, we quickly realized that the questions we wanted to answer were complicated: How does the pricing of an all-inclusive venue compare to that of a venue which needs us to hire outside rentals and catering? If we splurge on the photographer we really want, what specifically should we cut back on to stay within our budget? Simple spreadsheets didn’t scale well for us when we were making all of the complex trade-offs required in wedding planning.

Here’s how our wedding vendor organizer compares to wedding apps:

Unveil Google Spreadsheet The Knot WeddingWire WeddingHappy LadyMarry WeddingLovely
Invite fiance, parents, and other collaborators for free
Wedding cost comparison tool
Files, notes, photos in one place
Advice and tips when you need it
Vendor listings
One-click adding of vendors
Available on desktop and mobile

What’s coming up next?

We want to make the process of finding vendors as quick and simple as possible. To do this, we’ll be focused on bringing you even more vendor search and research tools in the coming months, so you’ll have the best information about wedding vendors at your fingertips. If you’re interested in beta testing these features, send us an email at [email protected]; we’d love your feedback!

In summary, we believe time before getting married should be a special and precious time to celebrate love, not an endless series of phone calls and emails to strangers every weekend and evening for months on end. We’re working hard on giving that time back to couples so please spread the word. Thank you!